Genelle - Jul 10 2020

A Little About Us

When we started Akasha Sun in 2013, we knew we wanted to do something different than create just another clothing brand.  We wanted to do things right from the beginning.  Our mission with Akasha Sun is to leave the smallest footprint possible on our beautiful planet, give back to the environment, provide an enjoyable shopping experience for YOU, and create comfortable and quality clothing while doing it.

Facts About Our Clothing:

Our fabrics are made of primarily natural fibers. We made the decision from the very beginning to use natural fibers whenever possible in our clothing.  Micro plastics are becoming a huge problem to the environment, and we refuse to contribute to this issue.  Instead, our clothing is made of primarily cotton, and often times organic cotton. 

We use the best dyes on the market. Akasha Sun uses only the highest quality dyes for our clothing.  We want the rich vibrant hues in our clothes to last as long as possible, which is why with proper care, you should be enjoying your one-of-a-kind tie dye creation for a long time.

Created in small batches. Unlike other hand dyed clothing, our clothing is not dyed in a factory type of environment.  Each piece is tie dyed by one artist in very small batches.  This gives each item special attention and energy, making it completely unique from anything else in the world!

Comfortable Clothing Made with You in Mind

Our clothing is made primarily of cotton with a small percentage of spandex, which means each piece is super soft and stretchy.  We find our clothes can be worn for a whole array of purposes.  Here is how our customers are wearing our clothing:

  • To lounge in because our clothing is just that comfortable!
  • To yoga practice or pilates.  The stretch in our clothing makes it perfect for low impact exercise!
  • Going out with friends or running errands.  The clothes are so cute, why wouldn't you?

Here are some photos of customers wearing our clothing:

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