The evolution of our branding

This might seem like a weird blog topic, but I think it is probably a good idea to explain why we've re-branded SO many times!  So here's a little back story about each re-brand and how we ended up where we are now.

The Beginning


Looking at this logo gives me so much joy.  I made this in photoshop by hand drawing the sun.  At the time, hand-written style logos were popular.  Also, the tag line, "made with love and positive energy" wasn't as widely used as it is today, so I felt pretty unique!  The tags with this logo had foil where the sun was - and definitely not made with sustainable materials!

About us image

the yoga festival re-brand


If you've read our story, you probably know about the marketer and the yoga festival.  The marketer we had hired did a logo redesign that was so basic, we felt like it could be for ANY yoga clothing company.  Instead I had my boyfriend (now husband) help me re-design our logo in time for the big festival we were sponsoring.  This went on all of our banners and marketing materials at the time.

I think the vibe we were going for was "beachy-surfer" haha!

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trying to look modern


After the disaster of the yoga festival and nearly shutting down Akasha Sun, I felt like we needed a change.  This was during the period of time when we were trying out making very muted designs and colors (that didn't work out).  I basically took the sun and lightened it up.  I also went for a more modern font and tagline. 

All of my marketing materials for this re-brand were printed on shimmery pearl paper with rounded corners.

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Starting to find ourselves


This re-brand came at a time when Akasha Sun was actually finding its identity.  We still had a long way to go, but it felt like we were heading in the right direction.  Maybe in a way this font felt like it was paying tribute to our roots, and showing our individuality.  I also wanted to emphasize that our clothes are incredibly comfortable, which was fitting during 2020 when everyone was home! 

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Almost there...

Early 2021

To be honest, I really thought this would be our landing place.  The reason I transformed the sun is simply because I knew our old one had become a little outdated.  It almost didn't allow our clothes to take the show, and let's face it - our clothes have a lot of personality on their own!  The font was Playfair Display Bold, which is a beautiful font, but also generic.  

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About us image

This has been a long time coming.  When I went to order new marketing materials, I hesitated because something about our logo didn't feel quite right.  I get most of my ideas [unfortunately] when I lay in bed at night.  I kept envisioning the sun being just slightly more defined with the tapering of the rays.  I'm sure most people wouldn't even spot the difference, but it felt right to me when I tried it.  I also found the perfect font that is not super different than our last version, but much more individual.

Between our new tag line, font, and sun, I really feel this logo represents us.  I hope you agree!

Love you,