Our Mission

We are a mother-daughter owned company with a mission to create inspiring ethical handmade and hand-dyed clothing that is kind to Mother Earth.


Being eco-friendly and sustainable is one of our main priorities.  We take the planet into account every step of the way.  Our fabrics are made from plant-based fibers and our dyes are low impact and non-toxic.

We are also in the process of becoming more sustainable in the coming months with new fabrics, charity initiatives, and business practices! 


When you buy from us, you are supporting slow fashion instead of big fast fashion corporations.  We believe the people behind our clothing are the heart of our brand.  Providing ethical working environments and fair pay is a big priority for us.

Currently we produce our clothing in a small factory in New York that provides great working conditions and living wages.  Soon we will be transitioning to having everything handmade by our amazing seamstress, because we are striving to be as hands-on as possible.


We know a big part of waste in the fashion industry is the lack of quality along with the constant changing trends.  We make clothing that lasts and will bring you joy for many years to come.  Synthetic materials such as polyester do not biodegrade over time.  Instead, the fabric sheds microplastics that are found in our land, water, and oceans.

Each piece is hand-dyed in small batches by Jeanne.  The designs are both unique and beautiful.  No two pieces are alike!


Minimal impact on the environment

Provide 100% customer satisfaction

Create high-quality, sustainable clothing

Support fair pay clothing production

Behind our name

We feel our name, Akasha Sun is the perfect representation for our brand.

“Akasha” is derived from the root kash, meaning “to radiate, to shine”. It also has the meaning of “ether” believed to be the medium of movement. The Akasha is thought to be indivisible, eternal and all-pervading.

We wanted a powerful name for powerful souls that will be wearing our clothing, and Akasha felt just right.

Our Team


Founder & Owner

Genelle founded Akasha Sun in 2013. Her primary roles include product listing, website & graphic designer, model, customer service manager, shipper, and anything else that needs to get done!


Tie-Dye Artist & Designer

Jeanne's role is the most important of all - creating the gorgeous designs on our hand-dyed clothing! With her background in art, her talent with tie-dye far extends beyond typical tie-dye designs.

Mike + Kaiya

Photographer & Tech Support

Mike not only does all the background work with our website, but he is also our photographer. He does all the tech-y stuff that we are clueless about. Kaiya is our lead napper and loves to give her input on new designs!