About Akasha Sun

Akasha Sun has a mission to help the planet while also making super comfortable activewear and loungewear. Our clothing line features luxurious soft essentials that are made ethically and hand-dyed in Colorado.


Did you know that many of our fabrics are made of sustainable cotton fibers or organic cotton?  Cotton is a much more sustainable material than polyester and nylon as long as it's produced in a sustainable fashion.  We work with clothing manufacturers that care about their environmental impact which means less water and chemical usage during the production process.  We are transitioning to using only organic cotton as we grow.


We care about who makes our clothing.  Before our clothing is dyed, it is cut and sewn by a small group of people making a livable wage, in a safe & comfortable environment.  The atmosphere is aimed to give employees the tools they need to excel in their careers and their personal life.  There is a strict code of conduct with our clothing production where all local and national regulations are abided by along with voluntary industry standards.  We chose to produce our clothing in the USA so we can be more hands-on, have consistent quality standards, and ensure a healthy working environment for employees.


There are many different types of hand-dyeing techniques. Many factories and companies dye their clothing in large batches, often using the "dip method" to create their designs. Our clothing is individually dyed by our dye artist, Jeanne. She puts loving energy and time into each piece of clothing just like original paintings. Each item is completely one-of-a-kind and unique, perfect for the creative and beautiful souls that will wear our clothing.


Our primary concern at Akasha Sun is to be as eco-friendly as possible while also maintaining high quality standards. We use fiber reactive dyes on our clothing because they contain no heavy metals or toxins. They have a high fixation and absorption rate which means we use at least 70% less water during the dyeing process. Our dyes also require lower temperatures than many commercial dyes, which uses less energy. Since we choose to hand-dye everything in our eco-efficient studio, we create a much smaller environmental footprint than our factory dyeing counterparts.


Minimal impact on the environment

Provide 100% customer satisfaction

Create high-quality, sustainable clothing

Support fair pay clothing production

Behind our name

We feel our name, Akasha Sun is the perfect representation for our brand.

“Akasha” is derived from the root kash, meaning “to radiate, to shine”. It also has the meaning of “ether” believed to be the medium of movement. The Akasha is thought to be indivisible, eternal and all-pervading.

We wanted a powerful name for powerful souls that will be wearing our clothing, and Akasha felt just right.

Our Team


Founder & Owner

Genelle founded Akasha Sun in 2013. Her primary roles include product listing, website & graphic designer, model, customer service manager, shipper, and anything else that needs to get done!


Tie-Dye Artist & Designer

Jeanne's role is the most important of all - creating the gorgeous designs on our hand-dyed clothing! With her background in art, her talent with tie-dye far extends beyond typical tie-dye designs.

Mike + Kaiya

Photographer & Tech Support

Mike not only does all the background work with our website, but he is also our photographer. He does all the tech-y stuff that we are clueless about. Kaiya is our lead napper and loves to give her input on new designs!