Tie Dye Shorts

Woman wearing the Grenada tie dye shorts featuring a fold over waistband.  The colors in the shorts include blue, purple, and green.
Pink and purple tie dye yoga shorts with a fold over waistband.
Woman wearing Akasha Sun Kiowa fold over tie dye shorts in teal and brown.
Lake Blue Tie Dye Yoga Shorts
Blue tie dye wide band yoga shorts by Akasha Sun.
A pair of rust tie dye bike shorts.
Woman wearing the Saint-Tropez fold over shorts that feature the color purple, pink, and white.
Purple and aqua tie dye wideband waistband by Akasha Sun.

Our tie dye shorts are fashionable, comfortable, and kind to the environment.  Our cotton blend is sustainable and so soft.  Each item is hand tie-dyed in Colorado so that no two pieces look the same.  Our unique tie dye shorts focus on freedom and movement, perfect for low impact exercise, lounging around the house, or running errands.  Our store features tie dye biker shorts, tie dye fold over shorts, and tie dye cotton shorts.