Rocky Mountain Tie Dye Dress

We decided to use rayon for our dresses because it is lightweight and flattering. It also dyes incredibly well and feels amazing against the skin. Rayon is processed synthetically, but we source our rayon ethically and sustainably. We use cotton thread in our dresses.

Jeanne intricately hand-dyes each item with love and care, making them completely one-of-a-kind. The variations in our tie dye clothing are what makes them truly unique, beautiful, and completely original. Some dye speckling is normal, and a part of the magic.


Bust: 44"
Center front length: 33"
Length from shoulder: 46"
(we recommend sizing down)


100% rayon
We source our rayon in the most ethical way possible. We decided to use rayon for our dresses instead of cotton because it dyes incredibly well, feels amazing against the skin, and flows like a waterfall down the body.

Ethically Made in Bali
Hand-Dyed in Colorado