Sylph Tie Dye Dress

We decided to use rayon for our dresses because it is lightweight and flattering. It also dyes incredibly well and feels amazing against the skin. Rayon is processed synthetically, but we source our rayon ethically and sustainably. We use cotton thread in our dresses.

Jeanne intricately hand-dyes each item with love and care, making them completely one-of-a-kind. The variations in our tie dye clothing are what makes them truly unique, beautiful, and completely original. Some dye speckling is normal, and a part of the magic.

"All the buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can't see" - Mark Nepo

Our Forest Fae line features stunning earthy tones that mix both deep and vibrant hues. This line was inspired by our own souls that consist of both dark and light.

Sylph - “Sylph” comes from the Greek word silphe meaning a butterfly or moth. They were first named by the Rosicrucians and Cabalists in their folklore. The sylph is a female spirit of the element of air. These were like invisible angels whose voice could be heard in the wind. Sylphs defend the high mountain peaks and wilderness mountains that are home to them. Sylphs look like tall, lithe humans with huge, feathered wings sprouting from their backs. These wings are almost two times it’s body length, but they fold up behind the sylph. They have large, hawk-like eyes and sharp, angular faces. A sylph can live to be hundreds of years old, often reaching one thousand, but never seeming to grow old. The smaller sylph are sometimes called cherubs or fairies. Sylphs are loners, and are content to fly with the birds.


Bust: 42"
Center front length: 32"
Length from shoulder: 45"
(we recommend sizing down)

The model in the photo is 5'3" and is wearing a size small.


100% rayon
Rayon is processed synthetically, but we source our rayon in the most ethical way possible. We decided to use rayon for our dresses instead of cotton because it dyes incredibly well, feels amazing against the skin, and flows like a waterfall down the body.

Ethically Made in Bali
Hand-Dyed in Colorado